Corporate Law

Corporate Law is one of the firm's main practice areas. We are experienced in providing company formation and registration services, including advising upon and drafting of constitutive documents and shareholders' agreements. The Maltese limited liability company may take various forms and can be utilised in an unlimited variety of commercial and service activities. On an international level and when coupled with the extensive network of double tax treaties to which Malta is a party, such companies serve as particularly tax efficient structures.

In addition, the firm is qualified to advise upon company law matters ranging from the day-to-day issues arising and other more specialised areas such as, minority shareholders' rights, corporate governance and corporate finance.

Company Formation and Administration

The Companies Act is intended to regulate the registration and administration of limited liability companies and partnerships in Malta and incorporates European Union legislation on the subject.

The incorporation of a limited liability company in terms of the Act in essence requires a Memorandum of Association to be entered into and subscribed to by at least two persons in the prescribed form. It is also possible to register a single member company in Malta subject to certain conditions established by the Companies Act being satisfied.
Our firm has the necessary drafting skills and experience to be able to provide support and guidance to those wishing to register a company in Malta.

Continuation of Companies

Maltese law also caters for the possibility of re-domiciliation of companies to and from Malta thus transferring its seat of registration.

The regulations provide that a body corporate registered under the laws of a country or jurisdiction other than Malta (that is, the foreign company) may be continued in Malta as long as certain conditions are satisfied thus retaining the legal personality of the foreign company once it has been continued in Malta. The conditions to be satisfied are generally that the foreign company must be formed and incorporated within an approved jurisdiction; the foreign company must be similar in nature to a Maltese company; the law of the jurisdiction should authorise the foreign company to transfer its seat of registration to another country; and finally, the constitutive document of the foreign company should also allow the foreign company to be re-registered in another country.

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