2014 Maritime Labour Convention Amendments Entry Into Force: Financial Security For Seafarers

The 2014 amendments to the Maritime Labour Convention introducing more stringent financial security requirements in respect of crew repatriation and in relation to seafarer compensation for death and disability will come into force on  18th January 2017.

As from such date proof that such cover is in place should be given by ship-owners of Malta Flagged vessels. Compliance to such requirement will not require any additional certification as such will be included in the ordinary MLC checklist for initial, intermediate and renewal inspections.

Declarations of Maritime Labour Compliance Parts I and II (DMLC) and the Maritime Labour Certificates (MLC) issued after the 18th January 2017 will have to show proof of such financial security. DMLC and MLC issued in accordance with the Convention prior to 18th January 2017 will still be recognised until the first renewal inspection following entry into force of the amendments.

Copies of such certificates together with other documentary evidence of financial security issued by the respective P&I Club or insurer shall be easily made available to all seafarers on board the ship.

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